UMDEmulator CORE source code
(decompiled and recompiled) by Dark_AleX

UMDEmulator CORE source code (decompiled and recompiled)
(Beta testers needed) by Dark_AleX

I've decompiled and recompiled the code of the core of UMDEMULATOR.

I release the decompiled source and the compilation instructions, maybe it is useful for someone.

By the way, i've included a recompiled binary of the core (and a patched pbp to undestand that core). I need to know if the reverse has totally suceeded, that's why i ask you all who have some free time, to test if the compatibility is exactly the same than in umdemulator 0.8c (original, not patched).

That will help me to improve daxziso.


P.S.: i've fixed the sleep mode bug in system menu of the original umdemulator


At 9/12/2006 02:15:00 pm, Blogger xtranger said...

I need gta to emulate isos on firmware 2.6?? this work with IC1003 psp??


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