FW1.00/1.50 Up/Downgrader (Internal) v1.00

FW1.00/1.50 Up/Downgrader (Internal) v1.00

 This is a Up/Downgrade Program for FW1.00 & FW1.50
 This Program just for PSP Dev. use, NOT Public Releases :p

 To sacrifice yourself. Experimental. Extremely dangerous.
 No warranty. Use on your own risk and responsibility.
 Anything may happen. We recommend you to avoid seeing/downloading/using this.
 Emergency exit -> http://www.playstation.jp/psp/
 * this CAUTION copy from SEC(nem) :p

What's New :
 NAND Flash Table ReMap Support :)

How-To :
 35MB Free space on your MemoryStick Duo
 Restore Your PSP to "Default Setting"
 Use NandR to Read Your PSP Nand Flash
 Use NandW to Write Your PSP Nand Flash

Extract Password is : I agree use this program at My own RISK!


At 8/23/2006 02:18:00 am, Blogger kando said...

so this allows you to upgrade and downgrade from 1.50 to 1.00 and back freely?


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