eLoader(GTA) w/ USB for FW2.50/2.60 Released

eLoader(GTA) w/ USB for FW2.50/2.60 v1.01 by 0okm
Thanks hitchhikr, John_K & PSPPet

after eLoader(GTA) start
run "USB for eLoader GTA"
than you can use Triangle to turn on USB mode :)

Download-Link: USB_for_eLoader_GTA.zip


At 8/11/2006 12:57:00 am, Blogger Eden said...

Hi! I've tried this on my PSP 2.5 TA-082 and it works. Thanks. I'm wondering if I have to upgrade my PSP to 2.60 or not, all your software seems to work on 2.60...I want to try the flash utility you made on my TA-082, but I have the 2.5 and your version seems to be for 2.6. What am I doing? The UMD emulator is not working, it loads any after a while it switches my PSP off...


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