PSP FW 3.10 UpDate Test

have some rumors say
1. All firmwares below 1.52 won't be able to upgrade directly
2. use FW3.10 to upgrade downgraded TA-082 PSPs have bricked

on my test
1. FW3.10 can use on PSP with FW1.50 :P
2. FW3.10 can use on FW3.03 downgraded TA-082 PSP with FW1.50 :P
3. FW3.10 can't run New GTA Exploit :(
4. FW3.10 can't use C+D's 3.03PsarDumper to decrypt :(

and FW3.10 on PSP-1000 (JP ver) have new PlayStationSpot function :)


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