About "PSP Multi Firmware module" UpDate

This is a "PSP Multi Firmware module"
Not a "mod chip" :P

the "PSP Multi Firmware module" is
1. for Developer & Hacker to Develop Homebrew or Research FW
2. Let PSP have FW1.00/1.50 full Function(Kernel Mode Access, All Homebrew, UMD, Update, ...)
 & Allso have New FW's New Function(Web browser, RSS, WMA, Flash Player, ...)
3. for bricked PSP to unbrick their PSP
 (need another FW1.00/1.50/2.60 PSP or "PC EPP LPT Interface Adaptor")

PSP Multi Firmware module
price less than USD50-

EASY to Install !!
just soldering 20 points

features list:
* ALTERA MAX 3000A Cost-Optimized CPLD
* 480 Mbps High Speed USB 2.0(PSP built-in) :P
* Brand New 32MB Nand Flash onboard (same type as used in PSP)
* Stable and reliable flashing software freely available for download
* PC EPP LPT Interface Adaptor(option) *NEW

"PSP Multi Firmware module" Actual Size(simulation picture)

What's the difference of "PSP Multi Firmware module" and "mod chip" ?
1. A piece of Integrated Circuit is called chip,
  and module is some components integrations on piece of PCB
2. MODCHIP includes the meaning which the use pirates, I not to encourage the use to pirate! !
  and In some region MODCHIP is illegal !!

can "PSP Multi Firmware module" use on my PSP ?
for PSP FW1.00/1.50 user
this "module" can use on your PSP

for PSP FW2.60(Hardware ver TA-079/080/081) user
this "module" can use on your PSP

for PSP FW1.51/1.52/2.00/2.01/2.50/2.70/2.71 user
if your PSP's Hardware ver is TA-079/080/081
and you have FW1.00/1.50 image file(dump from any PSP's NAND Flash)
this "module" can use on your PSP

What FW support after installed "PSP Multi Firmware module" ?
FW1.00/1.50 + FW1.00/1.50/1.51/1.52/2.00/2.01/2.50/2.60/2.70/2.71 ...

Is it a complete flash replacement
when you installed "PSP Multi Firmware module"
you can switch FW from 1.00 to 2.71 ...

"PSP Multi Firmware module" can install on What HardWare ?
"module" can for TA-079/080/081, when the "PSP Multi Firmware module" starts to sell,
i will show how to distinguishes TA-082, Of course no need to open PSP CASE :P

can I reprogram firmware to already bricked PSP ?
yes, but you need to program this module's NAND Flash first By "PC EPP LPT Interface Adaptor" or "another psp".

Can i program the NAND Flash externally ?
yes, you can buy the "PC EPP LPT Interface Adaptor", price about USD15-

Are you going to sell this?
i will look for a factory to production this "PSP Multi Firmware module"
i think the Producer will sell it under USD50-

When do you start mass production?
i think the Producer will mass production it on July

thats pretty bad, it has to be on the outside ?
no, the product will install inside PSP

What does "480 Mbps High Speed USB 2.0(PSP built-in)" mean ?
Use PSP's USB to copy the FW image file from PC to PSP Memory Stick Duo
then Use software to program the NAND Flash

What does "EASY to Install !!" mean ?
i say EASY to Install !!
because i found a Method to solderwires onto the tiny traces!!
you just need a "10X Magnifying glass" and a "incisive" Soldering Iron
that Easy than wire the "COPPER ENAMEL WIRE" to PCB
so it is "EASY to Install !!" :P

would it be able to run those "costum firmware" ?
Yes, when you can crack PSP Bootstrap !!
Unfortunately i Don't know who CAN :P

Can you post more information, perhaps even a how-to if someone wanted to build our own?
please wait

Can you please provide details as to how this will fit inside the PSP and how the installation will be done
please wait

For more Information about PSP Multi Firmware Project
Read PSP NAND Flash DATA to PC (3/25/2006)
wrapping Nand bus for external Firmware (4/7/2006)
PSP Multi Firmware Mod (4/23/2006)
PSP Multi Firmware Mod schematic (4/24/2006)
PSP New Ver. HardWare (from PSP1000) (5/17/2006)
does "Undiluted Platinum" support PSP new ver. hardware(TA-082) ? i don't think so ! (5/31/2006)
PSP New Ver. HardWare (from PSP1006CW) (6/9/2006)
success to make soft-swap PSP NAND Flash ^o^ (6/10/2006)
"PSP Multi Firmware module" prototype (6/14/2006)
success Access Nand Flash on FW2.60 ^o^ (6/29/2006)

PSP Multi Firmware Mod (4/23/2006)
PSP Multi Firmware Project (5/7/2006)
PSP New Ver. HardWare (5/18/2006)


At 7/17/2006 09:45:00 am, Blogger whazilla said...

hellow 0okm,

i was wondering wheter u could do me a favor in unbricking ...
as i'm still waiting for an UP they don't come thruw.

and i don't know where to get the multifirmware module ... maybe tell me

i was thinking of a unbrick cable ...
a usb cable with interface on it and
same possibilities as the UP or multifirm module but without the flash support onboard

let me clarify a usb cable mutch like a chip connect to the mobo but without flash space itself

so i could unbrick mine bricked.

looking forward to correspond


At 7/19/2006 02:51:00 am, Blogger 0okm said...

>> whazilla
> ... and i don't know where to get the multifirmware module ... maybe tell me
please wait :)

> i was thinking of a unbrick cable ...
i haven't any idea of usb :P
i also haven't any idea to isolate Nand Flash from PSP :P

At 12/03/2006 04:51:00 pm, Blogger wty4ka said...

0okm is the multifirmware module out yet
if so mail me alexjm@gmail.com i would like to buy one or some

At 12/31/2006 07:47:00 pm, Blogger ah_hong said...

mr.ookm, i have spoile my friend psp and i have to buy a second hand psp to give back him but my friend want his housing but after i change the housing that psp has no more sound even at game music also hav no sound , i am hoping mr.Ookm can show me the schematic or pls tell me the repair method ,i hav not much money ,i also not hoping for free method,but i can pay u if need......thanks sorry for bad bad english br . ahhongchai
hope u can see this message


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