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おしらせ(緊急) †
..information (emergency).. †

DevHook0.43fixにSONYの著作物であ るreboot_1.50.binが混入 されており
Reboot_1.50.bin is the copyrighted material by SONY, that is mixed with DevHook0.43fix.

SCEよりDevHook0.43fixアップロード 者への警告が来ております。
Warning from SCE to those who up-load DevHook0.43fix comes.

また、もしダウンロードした0.43fixを手元に保 存、使用している場合はすぐに破棄して下 さい。
Moreover, please annul it at once when downloaded 0.43fix is preserved at hand, and it uses it.

これを見ていない方が知らずに使用してしまう可能性も あります。
Not seeing this knows and there is a possibility to use, too.

周囲に所有者がいましたらこのことについて知らせて下 さい
Please inform me of this when there is an owner in surroundings.

また、全てのバージョンのDevHook本体、関連フ ァイルを当サイトから削除いたしました。
Moreover, the main body of DevHook and the relation file of all versions were deleted from this site.

これにより当サイトでのDevHookの公開は完全に 停止となります。
As a result, opening DevHook on this site to the public is completely stopped.

maybe no more download devhook from pspsoftware.ddo.jp :P


At 8/02/2006 03:07:00 pm, Blogger bigdaddie said...

I saw this one coming too many people publishing the link to that site :(

At 8/02/2006 07:13:00 pm, Blogger Mark said...

Oh well devhook isn't illegal. And the other idiots need to quit trying to modify his code and just let booster worry about the fixes. He made the sdk for you guys to make plugins but you should quit tampering with the code.

At 8/08/2006 01:21:00 pm, Blogger Mog said...

w00t! Thank goodness for Google cache! ;)

Might be a good idea to backup offline some of that site before it's completely gone? :p

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