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PSP Hardware Hack
07/26/2006 PSP Multi Firmware module will support TA-082 on NEXT Ver.
07/19/2006 Whether TA-082 can't downgrade is because NAND Flash ID is different?
07/04/2006 Today received the "PSP Multi Firmware module" Sample PCB
06/30/2006 About "PSP Multi Firmware module" UpDate
06/29/2006 success Access Nand Flash on FW2.60 ^o^
06/21/2006 does next ver. "Undiluted Platinum" can support TA-082 ? i don't think so :P
06/21/2006 Do you think you can do it :)
06/17/2006 About "PSP Multi Firmware module"
06/14/2006 "PSP Multi Firmware module" prototype
06/10/2006 success to make soft-swap PSP NAND Flash ^o^
06/09/2006 PSP New Ver. HardWare (from PSP1006CW)
05/31/2006 does "Undiluted Platinum" support PSP new ver. hardware(TA-082) ? i don't think so !
05/17/2006 PSP New Ver. HardWare (from PSP1000)
04/24/2006 PSP Multi Firmware Mod schematic
04/23/2006 PSP Multi Firmware Mod
04/07/2006 wrapping Nand bus for external Firmware
03/25/2006 Read PSP NAND Flash DATA to PC

PSP Homebrew
08/09/2006 ReadUMD Sample for UMDeM4eLoaderGTA Released
08/07/2006 UMD Emulator for FW2.60 w/ eLoader(GTA) - v0.03 by 0okm
08/07/2006 Success Emulate UMD on FW2.60 ^o^

08/01/2006 USBSample for USB4eLoaderGTA Released
07/31/2006 eLoader(GTA) w/ USB for FW2.50/2.60 Released

07/10/2006 PSP HW Ver. SpotLight for FW2.5/2.6 v1.01

07/06/2006 FW1.00 DownDate & Helper (prebuilt binary)
07/06/2006 use ipl_update to make FW 1.5 -> 1.0 (proof of concept)
07/04/2006 FW100_ipl_update

06/12/2006 Found a way to Dump UMD Video(FW1.52) ^o^
06/12/2006 Also can Dump UMD Video(FW2.60) ^o^

06/09/2006 FW1.00 DIE HARD TRILOGY v1.10 - success report
06/07/2006 FW1.00 DIE HARD TRILOGY v1.10 (FW1.00 Backup & Restore Tools)
05/28/2006 FW1.00 DIE HARD TRILOGY v1.00 - success report
05/21/2006 FW1.00 DIE HARD TRILOGY v1.00 (FW1.00 Backup & Restore Tools)

06/08/2006 FW1.00/1.50 Up/Downgrader (Internal) v1.00

01/20/2006 PSP UMD Dump Project

01/11/2006 PSP NandFlash software Dump Project

PSP Firmware
07/27/2006 PSP FW 2.80 RELEASED
06/01/2006 PSP FW 2.71 RELEASED
04/25/2006 PSP FW 2.70 RELEASED
04/24/2006 PSP[I] use New Ver 2.60

05/15/2006 IdStorage key 0x100-0x106 : [?]
05/04/2006 IdStorage key 0x010-0x013 : [?]
05/03/2006 IdStorage key
04/30/2006 IdStorage

05/15/2006 why first 8Bytes "SIG check key" on 2.60 & 2.70 is same ?
04/21/2006 how to generate "SIG check key" for v2 prx ?

07/14/2006 about Enable "WMA Playback", "Flash Player" & JP/US "button_assign"
06/13/2006 About why PSP-1007 can't use software Downgrader :P

08/03/2006 $ony STOP pspsoftware.ddo.jp Release DevHook (UpDate)
08/02/2006 $ony STOP pspsoftware.ddo.jp Release DevHook
07/20/2006 DevHook 0.45.0000 run MS homebrew on FW2.XX
05/04/2006 Devhook 0.32a by BOOSTER
05/02/2006 Devhook 0.32 by BOOSTER

07/23/2006 1st UMD GAME need FW2.71 ?
06/20/2006 LocoRoco Game New UMD Demo (EUR Ver) RELEASED ?
06/03/2006 LocoRoco Game Demo (US Ver) RELEASED
06/02/2006 LocoRoco Game Demo (EUR Ver) RELEASED

05/04/2006 UMDEmulator CORE source code (Original) by Humma.Kavula
05/02/2006 UMDEmulator CORE source code (decompiled and recompiled) by Dark_AleX

03/29/2006 PSP Keyboard Project

09/14/2005 PSP Project
05/30/2006 Add Language Translate for Blog

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